Swine Flu

by 21stcenturymummy on July 23, 2009

Everyone is talking about Swine Flu. It’s on the news, in every newspaper headline, people are talking about it on the tube, on the bus, in bars and restaurants. There’s talk on the major negative impact it will have on the economy, due to so many people being ill or off work. There’s even a new swine flu line. It’s scary, especially when a figure of 65,000 deaths this autumn is banded about and especially if you have a young child. Mine is 21 months old.

There’s still not much known about it as it’s fairly new, but they say young children and old people are the one’s most at risk. There’s no vaccine as yet and people are dying from it – although only 31 in the UK to date. There is even a new swine flu line. 


Apparently it spreads quickly amongst children. She’s at nursery, so is it only a matter of time before she gets it? They’ve already had a case there, it was a carer, but thankfully it was contained. They no longer shut schools or nurseries as it’s in the general community.  I’ve even heard rumours of people organising swine flu parties so their children catch it now, just like chicken pox parties, surely people aren’t that stupid???

Many of my friends are actually keeping away from play groups and clubs, anywhere there’s lots of children. People on the streets are wearing masks. Next thing you know they’ll turn it into a film.

Of course I’m scared, who wouldn’t be? Not for me, but for my daughter – she’s only little.

Is it mass hysteria, or are people right to panic?

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