Another missed miscarriage

by 21stcenturymummy on September 15, 2009

I have just found out after a scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit, I’ve had yet another missed miscarriage, my 2nd since the birth of my daughter (my 3rd in total). In a way I anticipated it as things hadn’t been right from the outset, bad cramps, spotting etc, but it’s still hard when you hear the news. I can get pregnant easily, but I don’t seem to be so good at the baking stage (so to speak!).

The first time it happened I started miscarrying around 8 weeks although the pregnancy stopped at 3 weeks. It took 2-3 months and weeks of blood tests before my hormone levels came back to normal and I had a negative pregnancy test. I found the whole thing was physically draining.

The last time it happened I had an ERPC procedure at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. BUT I ended up back in hospital a few days later and had to have it repeated.

This time around I want to go private and take advantage of my company’s health insurance scheme. Well you’d think it would be easy to sort things out, but by Friday I was tearing my hair out.

Then on Monday a lovely lady on the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington came to my rescue. She suggested considering medical management. So I booked an appointment with a lovely consultant Sharla Ahmed.  As I’ve already tried a) waiting for it to happen naturally and b) surgical procedure, both of which had their problems, it made sense to tried the third option. So I took a tablet there and then and came away armed with more tablets to take internally to start the process tomorrow and bucket loads of pain killers. Apparently there’s a 70% success rate. Hopefully I’ll be in that 70%, otherwise I’ll still need an ERPC anyway, but at least I’ve tried!

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