How to keep coughs and colds at bay

by 21stcenturymummy on November 3, 2009

Here are 7 ways for you and your family to avoid colds and coughs this winter:

  1. Take vitamins regularly to keep immune systems strong and help prevent bugs. I take multi-vitamins and give my 2 year old daughter liquid Haliborange.
  2. If you do feel a cough/cold coming on take Echinacea. It often stops them progressing, although not always!
  3. First Defence was recommended to me to take on the onset of a cold, you can get it from the pharmacy, not sure I used it properly.
  4. Wash your hands regularly.
  5. Get some rest (easier said than done with a baby or toddler).
  6. If your child does get a bug, give them a tonic from the pharmacy to keep up their energy.
  7. My father-in-law says you should drink a hot toddy: whisky, honey and lemon – however it just makes me feel sick!

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