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by 21stcenturymummy on November 24, 2009

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I was contacted recently via my blog, by a very nice lady at Little Dish, who asked if my 2 year old and I would be interested in doing a taste test of the Little Dish kids meals. Although I’d seen them on sale in Waitrose, I’d never actually bought them before (I tend to buy the Annabel Karmel or Sainsburys kids meals), so I said yes, and they couriered over six meals. So here is my honest and truthful review.

My little one loves her food so I thought she’d be the perfect guinea pig and the taste test began.

I love the Little Dish packaging. It’s simple and makes it look eco-friendly, healthy and natural. The fun designs definitely have stand out. The recipe ideas are great, nutritious too, and I liked the fact there is no salt or sugar added. Easy to cook, freezable and the portion sizes are perfect for little ones.

My daugher eats pretty much everything, although like a typical two year old, doesn’t like tastes that are too strong or spicy. However, things did fall at the first hurdle as we soon discovered that red peppers featured in four of the six recipes. The one thing neither she or I eat are peppers (red, green or orange). In fact it’s my least favourite food.

The Dishes – for details of ingredients click here

Our clear favourites were Chicken and Butternut Squash Pie and Pasta with Peas, Cheese and Brocolli Trees which both smelled and tasted delicious. The little one ate them both in a flash. She ate the Fish Pie too but slowly, the smell of fish was overpowering.

The Salmon and Broccoli Pasta, Chicken and Giant Cous Cous and the Cottage Pie, didn’t go down very well, however they all had red peppers in the ingredients.

I like the Chicken & Giant Cous Cous despite the red peppers. It had a bit of a spicy taste and my toddler didn’t like it from the minute she saw it and refused to eat it.

Little Dish meals retail at £2.29 in Tesco, Waitrose and on Ocado.

Thoughts overall: I would definitely buy the Chicken and Butternut Squash Pie and Pasta with Peas, Cheese and Brocolli Trees.  It’s a shame that 4 of the 6 dishes had peppers in, as I do think they are a bit of an acquired taste.


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