Burgled Whilst Sleeping

by 21stcenturymummy on August 18, 2010

I’m a wuss and have always been scared of the dark, but a year ago our family home was burgled. What’s worse is that my OH, 2 year old and I were asleep in our house. It took my fear to a whole new level. Here’s what happened…

It was 2 am. There was an almighty bang, so loud the house shook, and the sound of running footsteps. My OH and I sat bolt upright in bed, hearts pounding. We waited and listened.

Our first thoughts were for our daughter in the room above. After turning the light on and creeping on to the landing, my OH, armed with a giant Maglite torch, checked on our daughter, who was thankfully sleeping soundly. We gingerly crept down the stairs, my finger on the ‘9’ on my mobile, ready to dial the police. I was shaking. My OH checked everywhere downstairs and in the basement, but everything seemed in order. The front door was shut, but I still called 999, thinking someone had perhaps tried to kick the door in. The police arrived, had a look around and left.

Two minutes later, my OH looked around and realised his wallet and keys weren’t on the side, and then I couldn’t find my handbag. Shocked, we realised we had actually been burgled. Slightly embarrassed, I called the police again (or maybe they should have done their job better).

Thinking our Banham lock was burglar-proof, we stupidly never used to double lock the front door or alarm the house when we went to bed. They (we can only assume it was more than one) got in by putting a bar through the letter box and undoing the latch above – it was scarily easy. The bang we had heard was the noise of them slamming the door as they left. Who knows why they did it so loudly?

The police said they were probably drug-addicts chancing their luck and on the hunt for cash. The bar they used was on the doorstep, but the burglars have never been caught. Luckily they didn’t get much, in fact they probably would have been very pissed off (evil laughter). Neither of us carry much cash and the car was thankfully parked around the corner so they couldn’t find it.

It was a big lesson to learn and now we always double-lock doors AND alarm the downstairs AND sleep with the sitting room light on.

I felt so much anger that someone had been in our house whilst we were sleeping (the air is turning all shades of blue as I type), but I also felt violated. I’m kind of glad we didn’t know about it until they’d gone.

After it happened, I couldn’t sleep properly for months and initially didn’t even feel comfortable being in the bedroom on my own. Now, if my husband goes away, I go away.

I am getting much better, but still get scared.

Is being scared of the dark a common thing? Any other mums out there hate being left alone in the house?


rachel August 18, 2010 at 6:25 pm

There were 2 break in attempts on our flat when B was 2 months, then 3 months.
First time I walked into the kitchen at midnight for a snack and found a bloke on my BALCONY with a glass cutter.
Second time a bloke climbed up the eaves to B’s window ( which had Winnie the Pooh window stickers on, so obvious it was a childs room) and was trying his hardest to rip the window open.

1st time the police turned their attention to ME for grabbing a carving knife out the drawer upon discovering this would be burglar.
2nd time they refused to come out, instead telling me to make sure everywhere was fully locked and I would be okay.

Hayley August 20, 2010 at 9:21 pm

It does bother me. But I dont have a choice in that. I’m a single parent. I dont have a man here to reassure me and tell me its all ok. When I first moved out it was something that was constantly at the back of my mind and I’ll be honest, even now I have a heavy object by my bed, just incase. But I’ve grown easier to it. All doors get locked, keys out of the way of the letterbox, phone by my bed. Damage limitation I guess. It is my worst nightmare however and I would probably react in a very similar way if it was to happen to me. *Big hugs* and very brave of you to blog aboutit and admit it, not always an easy thing to do! x

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