Toyologist Review: Moon Dough Playful Puppies

by 21stcenturymummy on September 14, 2010

Moon Dough Playful Puppies Set

My 2 year old was so excited when she got to open the first box of toys sent from Toys R Us as part of their Toyologist programme. The first one she opened was the Moon Dough Playful Puppies set. According to the packaging it is “Magical moulding dough that never dries out” got the dough out and started squishing. Find out what we thought…

What they say:

Have hours of fun creating and re-creating cute puppies with this Moon Dough set! Simply put the Moon Dough in the top of the kennel, turn the handle and watch the moulded puppies pop out of the door like magic! Then use moulds to make your puppies some food. Moon Dough is an amazing magical moulding dough. It’s light and fluffy, easy for little hands to shape and play with. Mould it, stack it, cut it, slide it and squish it ! It’s endless fun, hypo-allergenic, doesn’t stick or stain, easy to clear up and never dries out.

What we say:

We both loved squishing the dough (I found it very therapeutic) and there was a sense of satisfaction when a perfect puppy popped out. My 2 year old played with it for ages. It’s also fantastic that is doesn’t dry out.

However, it crumbles and leaves bits all over the floor and table, which was annoying despite them being easy to pick up. The 2 year old needed help pushing the dough right into the mould (there were lots of faceless puppies) and getting the puppy food out of the smaller moulds. There’s also nothing to put it in – I’ve used a spare box

Verdict: It’s great fun to play with, but the bits really put me off.

Moon Dough Playful Puppies is £9.99 from ToysRUs.

Aquadoodle Table review coming soon

It’s great to be able to test out these toys, but in order to avoid spoilt child syndrome, we are going to give them to a charity-funded local playhouse.

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The Moiderer September 15, 2010 at 8:15 am

We bought this very set and the little one loves it like yours. But we HATE it. It crumbles everywhere. Over time you end up find crumbs of bloomin Moon Dough in everything. I strongly suggest people NEVER buy this evil stuff because the kids love it and once in the house it is really hard to sneakily chuck it away. By the way, the play-doh works in the moulds, including the kennel mould so you don’t need to chuck those!

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