Happy Christmas to one and all!

by admin on December 26, 2010

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

My blogging has become a bit sporadic recently, due to reasons beyond my control.

  • We’ve had our move to Singapore to contend with (but that’s another story)
  • the whole family has been struck down with various nasty bugs, so we’ve spent most of the time on the sofa watching movies
  • our proper computer is being shipped to Singapore and until then I’m stuck with a very slow laptop, which is closed to being thrown out of the window because of its uselessness
  • and I’ve switched to WordPress.org (any ideas why I did this???).

Things are likely to remain sporadic until we’ve arrived in Singapore and our PC arrives too.

I have just managed to get on my Father-in-Law’s PC and can catch up on things and I just wanted to say a belated Happy Christmas to everyone! I’ll be back properly in the New Year!

21stCM x

P.s. I will be back in the New Year, in the meantime my posts will be, well, sporadic!

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