Pregnancy: So different this time around

by admin on February 4, 2011

My pregnancy with my daughter was so different to this one. I’ve got 15 weeks to go. Perhaps this time, I’m older, wiser (or not) and more aware.

Last time I had mild morning sickness. This time I had morning, afternoon and evening sickness.

Last time my appetite was normal. This time I didn’t stop eating for the first fews months.

Last time I didn’t have a bump until five months, this time it was more like three.

Last time I didn’t gain much weight, this time I have already gained loads.

Last time I did lots of exercise. This time I’ve been a couch potato.

Last time it was Spring/Summer and I was happy showing off my bump. This time, I’d rather hide.

Last time I glowed. This time I feel more like Hagrid!

Last time I had loads of sleep (and lie ins at the weekend). This time I have a 3 year old.

Last time I worked in an office until I was 8 months pregnant. This time I am thankful that I freelance and work from home (or lie on the sofa).

Last time I was relaxed and happy. This time I’ve been terrified.

Last time I looked forward to my scans. This time I cried before each one.

Last time I didn’t take anything. This time I’m on a concotion of drugs.

Last time I had no complications until the birth. This time I’ve already had complications.

Last time I didn’t know what to expect at the birth. This time I remember what happened last time!

Last time I had my eyes mostly shut. This time they are wide open.

Last time I loved every minute of it. This time I wish I could say the same.

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Emma February 7, 2011 at 5:53 pm

Yes things totally sound different!! Just goes to prove that not every pregnancy is the same!! I hope becaue my sickness was 24/7 last time that this time it will be either mild or non existant!! :)

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