Mummy Only Time: Reflexology

by admin on March 4, 2011

Just before I left England for our new life in Singapore it was a very stressful time. I was pregnant and panicking about our huge move ahead.

The lovely Gintare from BlossomandJasmine, home beauty and massage specialists, offered me a reflexology treatment at home. I LOVE reflexology. It makes me feel like I’ve had an all over body massage, just by massaging my feet – they say points on your feet are connected to different parts of the body . By massaging them trained therapists can pick up potential problems. It’s safe in pregnancy too, after the 1st trimester (as long as the therapist knows you are pregnant as there are areas they will need to avoid).

There was a slight hiccup – the therapist arrived in the car but as my 3 year old was sick and my husband was out, I couldn’t go and get her. Thankfully my husband turned up and let the therapist in! The session began a bit late and I could hear my 3 year old squawking about something in the background. I supplied the music – a relaxation album I downloaded on my Ipod. The treatment was done on a very comfortable chairs. I lay back whilst the therapist worked her magic on my feet.

Despite the disturbance, I felt veryrelaxed at the end of the treatment.

A 1 hour reflexology session from Blossom and Jamsine costs £55 Tel: 0845 269 5937

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