Singapore: Go Ikea!

by admin on March 11, 2011

No I haven’t gone completely mad, although I probably need to get out more!

I never thought I’d ever have a positive thing to say about Ikea. The nearest one to where I lived in London, was Croydon, a stressful trek away through heavy traffic. On the rare occasions I did go, I would leaved empty-handed, bar from a few pointless tealight holders to add to the one hundred I already had.  Instead, my blood pressure would have gone through the roof and I’d be telling myself I’d never go back (I have a short memory). And, if it was my idea of torture, it was my husband’s idea of hell on earth.

But, here in Singapore, it’s a different story.

  • You can buy an entire cutlery set for £2.50 – an emergency solution until our very delayed shipment arrives from the UK.
  • It’s civilised, not full of crazy idiots, jostling like cattle, and screaming children
  • Everything is better quality and cheaper. We moved into an unfurnished apartment so Ikea came in handy as a quick solution. We ate at our daughter’s Ikea table, sitting on teeny chairs until our proper dining table arrived!
  • The best thing is that they have a supervised play area where you can drop off your child for an hour whilst you shop. (Not that I would ever in a million years have left my child in play centre in Croydon anyway). A few weeks after we arrived in Singapore, I actually took my 3 year old to Ikea and dropped her at the play area, desperate for an hour on my own!

So thank you Ikea for helping out in our time of need!

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