New Year’s Eve – a night to remember

by admin on January 4, 2012





If it’s one thing I’ve learnt in the past year, it’s that Singaporeans know how to throw a party. New Year’s Eve is no exception. This New Year’s Eve, our first in Singapore, was one of the best I have had for a long time. With Miss C and Baby C safely tucked up in bed, we headed to the roof top bar at Kinki, a Japanese restaurant at Collyer Quay, overlooking Marina Bay. Prime viewing for the fireworks. It was a hot, humid evening, the skies were clear. There were no rowdy crowds or queues to get anywhere, like you get in London, it was easy to get there and get out again.

The Singapore skyline is hard to beat. The colours you can see in the picture above kept changing every few minutes.

Champagne flowed and at midnight a feast of fireworks exploded into the sky illuminating the river below. The DJ played some thumping tunes and we danced as we watched the display. Fireworks and dancing. 2 of my favourite things.

I always cry when I watch fireworks. Does anyone else or is it just me? That night, I felt emotional on so many levels. We’d been in Singapore for a year, so I felt a great sense of achievement; I felt sad for a moment because I suddenly missed my friends and family;  I felt a rush of happiness, because I love my life here;  and top top it all, the evening was amazing.

The night ended with long walk home via MacDonalds (we hadn’t eaten anything that evening). What was I thinking? I still feel sick thinking about munching on a Big Mac (for the first time in years and years).

What a way to bring in 2012!


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