Is Barbie making the wrong impression on our kids?

by admin on February 18, 2012

Barbie I Can Be Rock Star

I was a Sindy girl when I was growing up. In fact, I never owned a Barbie, probably due to my mother deciding Barbie just wasn’t wholesome enough. Let’s face it, even back then, Barbie had a less than pure image. Perhaps Sindy’s demise was due to her wholesome, good two shoes image? Which one were you, Sindy or Barbie?

I bought Miss C her first Barbie when she was 2. It wasn’t really for her, it was for me, all those years longing for the Barbie I never had. 2 years on and she has 12 of them (I am only responsible for the first one 1). Here are a few of them.









Some of the outfits Barbie make her look more like, to put it bluntly, a hooker. Thigh high boots, whips, low cleavages, short skirts, leather skin-tight trousers, the list goes on. Perhaps she should be renamed Call Girl Barbie!

I do wonder whether it is making an impression on Miss C. She doesn’t seem to notice at the moment, but will it be a different matter when she is older? Could this be the start of something we will one day regret. Should we, as responsible parents, be vetting Barbie outfits?

There was a huge furore last year about young children being able to buy “suggestive” clothing that is way more appropriate for adults. Even David Cameron got involved, backing plans to stop the commercialisation of children, including stopping UK retailers selling inappropriate clothes for pre-teens, as you can read in this article in The Guardian from 2011.

So using the same train of thought, should it matter what Barbie wears? Maybe it does have an impact on young and impressionable girls. As a “role model” of sorts, should she stop wearing sexy outfits and instead wear more appropriate clothes likes Sindy did or keep to the outfits more inline with Sandy Barbie below?


Barbie Grease Girl Sandy

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Madeline February 19, 2012 at 4:47 am

I suppose it is all about educating our kids on what’s appropriate n what’s not. What’s conservative to one person may not be conservative to another person so it’s all about perspective.

I have yet to buy my girl her Barbie but I’m dying to buy one soon for her cos I like it too! Haha

It’s so nice to meet you at the event! Will definitely catch up with u on future events, that is, if I dont have to run after my little girl! Haha

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