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by admin on April 10, 2012

This picture was the initial promotional advertisement for the

This was the initial advertisement for the Escape Chapel Party, marketed as a “sacrilegious night of partying”, that was due to be held on Easter Saturday at the chapel at Chijmes. Surely some harmless fun? You’d think! Coming from the UK, that is exactly what I would think anyway.

Perhaps, the organisers should have done their research better, because they clearly had no idea of the backlash and the furore their planned event would have, here in Singapore.

The Catholic community clearly didn’t see the funny side, upset by the publicity materials, the timing and the fact that the event was to be held opposite the catholic church where the Archbishop is based. The Archbishop described the event as “scandalous to the church”. Despite the organisers apologising for any offence caused, the event was cancelled and the police have even stepped in to investigate the publicity material, which some Catholics claim has violated the Sedition Act . You can read more here.

Singapore used to be a British colony and the British influence is still going strong. People speak English, road signs are in English, you drive on the left, the legal system is based on English law, you get the gist. However things like this make me realise how different things can be. Whilst I’m often one for castigating the UK for being too liberal in its policies, preferring Singapore’s altogether stricter approach, this has actually made me appreciate our former home, for once.

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