Singapore with Kids: Singapore Art Museum Art Garden

by admin on June 29, 2012

A work that parodies how we look at aquatic creatures in aquariums

With Miss C on school holiday for the last two weeks I planned a busy schedule including Jurong Bird Park, Science Centre, playdates, baking, swimming, treasure hunts and painting. One of the highlights has to be Singapore Art Museum’s Art Garden. It’s on every year but each year is different and this is the first time I’ve been. We took a group of 1-7 year olds.

Singapore Art Museum commissions Singapore artists, such as Justin Lee and Loh Sau Kuen, to create works for its next generation of art audiences. This is the only exhibition in Singapore dedicated to showcasing art suitable for children, addressing topical and open-ended issues.

There’s a squid-like creature which responds to people, a glow-in-the-dark garden of Origami flowers, a Reactive Wall which reacts to sounds made through a microphone (the kids loved screaming), a chance to be the star performer as you dance and then watch yourself on a giant screen (the mummies loved this one too).

It’s very interactive and hands on and the kids loved it, even Baby C who is only 1. They drew on boxes, coloured, played dress up on the wall and made magnets.

For more information see Singapore Art Museum on Bra Basah Road. It’s on until 12 August 2012.

This is definitely worth a visit.

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