Magic Reindeer Food

by admin on December 15, 2012

We’re spending Christmas in Phuket this year and because we’re going to be away, Miss C is (understandibily) extremely concerned about how Santa will find us. So out of the bag comes reindeer food. You sprinkle a trail leading up to the place where you will be on Christmas Eve so the reindeer will see the food. It’s so easy to make, mix dried oats mixed with some glitter and stick it in a bag made out of clear wrapping paper. It’s easy for them to spot it at night too because the glitter will shine. If only I was 5 again!

The result: one happy Miss C!

I still haven’t quite got my story straight about Santa and Christmas presents. Where are all the presents meant to come from? Does he deliver them all? Are some from you, some from him? Are we meant to send presents to him or does he get them on our behalf? How does he get in if there isn’t a chimney? Do you put them out under the tree on Christmas Eve or before? I’m so confused. If anyone has a good explanation I’m all ears. Please let me know by commenting.

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