I’m in love with…Pettiskirts

by admin on January 29, 2013

girls skirtsgirls skirtsgirls skirtsgirls skirtsgirls skirtsgirls skirts

I think girls’ pettiskirts are the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. Adorable girly gorgeousness wrapped up in a skirt. (How I’ve changed since having two daughters.) Having been unable to find any pettiskirts in Singapore and refusing to pay shipping costs, that were as much as the skirts themselves, I trawled the net and ended up finding Gorgeous Dresses for Girls. I ordered my 5 year old the purple pettiskirt (shoulda got the pink one according to Miss C) for her for Christmas and got family to bring over. It was £29.99. They have all sorts of colours but these are some of my favourites. They do also ship worldwide.

I’ve searched over have finally came across someone that sells pettiskirts here. Hurray! hurray! hurray! They are the proper ones too, not the naff imitations I have seen elsewhere. There is a stall in the basement (at the bottom of the escalators) at Centrepoint Mall on Orchard Road. It sells different coloured pettiskirts from purple to white although not quite such a variety as the UK site. They have all sorts of matching T-shirts too. BUT, unlike everything else in Singapore, the prices are cheap. I bought a white and hot pink pettiskirt, and matching top for $28 for Baby C (see pic below). She looks super cute in it. They make the best gifts for friends that have little girls.



p.s I wrote this post because I love pettiskirts. There is nothing to disclose!