Freaky Friday: Korean red ginseng

by admin on February 1, 2013

I’m bringing the Freaky Friday feature this week. A special mention goes to ThaiPusam, which has to be one of the most bizarre events I have ever seen. It would make the perfect Freaky Friday feature but I posted about it earlier in the week.

Ginseng might not sound freaky, but have a look at the price tag on this box of Korean Red Ginseng, sold in a shop in Marina Bay Sands. Yes, that’s right $17,800 for 500g.

Grown 100 percent organically, Korean red ginseng takes six years to mature in soil that requires a ten year rest between planting seasons. Because of this process, it contains three times the amount of ginsenosides and is grown without pesticides. It is considered the most effective form of ginseng and is therefore sold at a much higher price than ginseng that is grown elsewhere. Because of the amount of active ingredients it contains, the health benefits that it offers may make it well worth the cost – to some people.

Benefits include relieving stress and fatigue, enhancing libido and reducing blood pressure.

One thing is for sure, if I had a spare $18,000 lying around, I wouldn’t spend it on Korean Red Ginseng, whether or not it enhances your life. Would you?

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