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by admin on February 6, 2013

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As a new school year begins for some and a new term begins for others, I realise I have run out of name tags for Miss C. Her school policy is that everything has to be labelled. I blame it on our crazy Christmas and yes, I’m not as organised as many other mums out there.

Kids labels have come a long way from when I was young. There was no such thing as iron on or stick on labels, you had to stitch them all on. My poor mother!

These days, kids labels can also be iron on or stick on which means they are easier and faster to apply so you don’t need to spend hours laboriously stitching them on to clothes – a huge relief as I don’t even know how to use a needle. They can also be used for many more items, which means kids shouldn’t end up losing half their personal belongings in the first few weeks. (Perhaps if I labelled Miss C’s hair clips they’d find their way home too.) Name tags can even be personalised with different colours and designs, like animals or toys or smiley faces, not like the boring white ones with blue writing that I used to have. Name tags are designed to be durable and will last throughout the school year without you having to replace them.

Labelling clothing

One of the main uses of labels is for clothing. Name labels for clothes can be ironed or sewed directly onto the fabric, particularly useful if your child wears school uniforms. Without name tags it’s easy for them to get mixed up. Labelling clothes, PE kits, and even shoes will help keep them separate from everyone else’s things during the busy school day. Today’s best labels can stand up to the washing machine so you can keep them looking bright and clean.

Labels for supplies and containers

Students can personalise their books, notebooks, and even pens with name tag stickers. Lunch boxes, drinks bottles and backpacks can also be labelled with name tags. One way of getting your child excited about going back to school is to get them to choose the design they want, and make it a fun back to school ritual to label all their new supplies. Sticky labels can go through the dishwasher or microwave for personalised lunch containers.

Living in a condo, I label our pool toys and things the children might take to the playground like their bikes, toy pushchairs and scooters, as something usually gets left behind and ends up in lost property.

Using name labels at school and even at home is a great way to keep your family organized and protect personal property. Now, I’d better go and get mine sorted.

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