First look: New Sesame Street ride, Universal Studios Singapore

by admin on February 20, 2013

Sesame Street ride, Universal Studios Singapore


On Monday, I was invited to Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa to check out their brand new Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase ride. It’s the world’s first immersive Sesame Street theme park ride and it launches on 1st March 2013.

The concept: to take guests on an adventure into outer space with Elmo and the gang.

Miss C would have been the best person to test out the new ride. At five  she is the perfect age, but as she was at school, the responsibility fell to yours truly. It was my first time ever at Universal Studios Singapore, so I was very excited.

Elmo, Sesame Street ride, Universal studios Singapore


After arriving at Universal Studios Singapore, we headed to “New York”, first off was the Sesame Street buffet breakfast at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor, with appearances from Elmo (in Chinese dress) and Cookie Monster. Two little girls who were there with their mother clung to her for protection as the enormous furry characters played about, although the adults certainly enjoyed themselves.

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space chase, universal studios Singapore


The Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase ride features 12 Sesame Street characters. After climbing into a train, you set off on the adventure into the Sesame Street Universe, in a fight between good and evil.  Three new bad guys, with “Macaroni the Merciless” at the helm, plot to steal all the spaghetti and noodles on earth. Needless to say, the good guys win. It’s a fun, chilled out ride through space (definitely not one for thrill-seekers). Useless fact 101: they use 7,500 twinkly optical stars.


To celebrate the launch of the Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase ride there will be a special Sesame Street Carnival at Universal Studios Singapore from 1 to 3 March. I’m sure this will be so much fun. Universal Studios Singapore also puts on Sesame Street shows at set times during the day.

Of course, there’s a shop selling all sorts of merchandise too, so watch out for your kids’ pester power. It always amazes me how much cheaper things are at attractions in Singapore, compared to the UK.

Verdict: The Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase at Universal Studios Singapore is a great ride for families, but I think younger kids would get the most from it.

Words of wisdom: Minimum height it 85cm and it’s one child per adult.

The Sesame Street character breakfast is held on weekends and costs $44 for adults and $32 for children.

Spaghetti Space Chase launches on 1 March 2013. Don’t forget your space helmets, kids.



Susan February 20, 2013 at 10:43 am

Ooo my three-year old will love this! I have not brought her to USS,but this looks perfect for her.

admin February 20, 2013 at 3:11 pm

She is the perfect age. Did you hear Disney might opening in Singapore?

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