Memoirs on a postcard

by admin on February 22, 2013

Bandos Island, the Maldives

Mailing handwritten letters and postcards has become so old fashioned. I remember all the letters I used to write and receive when I was at boarding school, the postcards sent to me from all over the world as I was growing up, and the letters sent to me by my friends whilst I was travelling. That was how people used to communicate.

I rarely write letters anymore, except thank you notes and I want to write holiday postcards but too often I return home with a handbag full of blank postcards, sometimes with stamps on that are useless the minute you get on the aeroplane home. Writing thank you cards is, quite frankly, a pain in the butt, and has to be my least favourite chore, as you will see from my previous post on the subject. It’s a chore that I usual only completed when a birthday or Christmas is a distant memory. It’s not that I am ungrateful or can’t be bothered, it’s just that I find sending thank you cards is a slow, painful process. You can never find decent thank you cards, then once you write them you have to find somewhere that sells stamps, and then actually remember to get your thank you cards in the post. By the time I get my act together, it can take weeks. Shame on me!

I have at last come across a great idea that offers the ideal solution to handwritten mail. If only I had thought of it…

I was clearing through my ever-increasing inbox this week, when I came across an email from a PR company about a new way to send postcards. I get swamped with emails from PRs every day and despite having every intention of reading (and replying) to every one of them, it just doesn’t happen. This one ended up in my “to read” folder. 6 months down the line, I finally read the email.

The subject was a company called Cards in the Post. They offer a service where you can send postcards anywhere in world, using your own photo (like the one above from a trip to The Maldives), from your computer or mobile phone. As the rusty wheels and cogs turned slowly in my brain, I realised that as well as this being a super easy way of sending postcards from our latest trips (something that I never do, despite my best intentions), it’s the perfect way to send thank you (post)cards. And, what makes it even better, I don’t even have to leave my desk.

It’s quick and easy to use. You upload your own photo (or use one of theirs), write your message and add an address. You can create multiple postcards using the same message, which can then be edited for each person you are sending one to. That for me is the best bit as you generally say the same thing in thank you cards and postcards anyway. Cards in the Post then sends them out. The postcards cost £2 each (including postage cost), which I’d say is bargain.

No more excuses for delayed thank you cards or not getting around to send postcards ever again.

For more information head over to Cards in the Post

p.s. No, I didn’t receive any freebies in return for this post, I just think it’s a genius idea.


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