21stCM is back (minus my iPhone)

by admin on April 4, 2013


21stCM is back in the land of blogging, well almost, given our internet connection seems to be frustratingly sporadic and I left my beloved iPhone in the UK.

Ap0logies for being so quiet. It was time for our yearly trip back to the UK. Nearly three weeks of ‘hecticness’, of over-eating, over-drinking and over-indulging. Two days in London, a week’s skiing in Kitzbuhel, Austria (more on that later) and another week in London, scheduling catch ups morning, noon, afternoon and evening every day. We just kept going and going, trying to cram in as much as feasibly possible and seeing as many friends and family as we could.

Although we only left the UK just over two years ago, I’d already forgotten pushing 1 does not mean ground floor in England, and my knowledge of the London tube map was rusty at best. Instead of two stops on the tube and less than ten minutes walk to Covent Garden, I went ten stops on the tube with two changes. I can only imagine this amnesia will get worse and worse the longer we are expats.

We survived the trip, the four flights with my crazy toddler, staying with our relatives and the bloody freezing weather. The kids were spoilt rotten by grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and Godparents, leaving me to deal with the aftermath. They think the bubble we lived in for those two weeks was real. It was no wonder they didn’t want to come home.

It’s always a bit strange when we get back, a bit unsettled at having said goodbye to friends and family yet again, but this time it’s worse because I left my beloved iPhone in the UK by mistake. SHOCK! HORROR! What a dumbass. I’ve had to go cold turkey, twiddling my thumbs, getting stressed, and looking forlornly on the empty table where it should be. It’s hard having to adjust to life without it (albeit temporarily) and it’s lonely as I can’t get in touch with anyone. I’m sure being without it for a while is a good thing, and I’m sure my kids and husband are delighted. Personally, I’m looking forward to be reunited with it very, VERY soon.

My expat life is slowly returning to normal, but I do need another holiday to recover.

Yours, one very jetlagged 21stCM x



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