12 ways to entertain kids indoors and escape the Haze

by admin on June 21, 2013

The Haze has turned to smog, you can even taste the smoke in the air. Kids should be kept inside, but we all know that can be a nightmare. If you want to avoid them turning into horrible little monsters, here’s a few things you can do to entertain your kids indoors.

  1. Colouring, Painting and Playdoh: I’m stating the obvious but kids love this stuff.
  2. Messy play: mix some cornflour and water (2 part cornflour, 1 parts water) in a bowl and let them stick their fingers in. It very strange stuff, as it goes hard when picked up, then turns into liquid.
  3. Fill up the sink with water: put in toys, bottles, bubbles or fill up balloons and let them get wet.
  4. Stick them in a bubble bath: This is a great way of calming even the most irritable kid. My kids will spend hours splashing around.
  5. Play Hide and Seek: my two year old absolutely loves this game. Or use up less energy by hiding their teddy!
  6. Have an indoor picnic/tea party : invite friends, dolls and teddies too.
  7. Make a camp: Put sheets over chairs and tables to make a tent with pillows inside, and make them a mini picnic to eat inside.
  8. Sing: put on their favourite nursery rhyme CD and sing songs. Use shakers, bells or tambourines if they have them.
  9. Get a wiggle on: turn up the radio/music TV/iPod, get the disco lights going if you have them, and DANCE! My kids love Psy’s Gangnam Style, Abba or Lady Gaga.
  10. Do some baking: Here’s recipes for Rice Krispie cakesTeddy Bear Fairy CakesBanana Cake or biscuits – let them play with the mixture and cut out shapes (obviously make sure they stay well away from the oven and anything hot).
  11. Cuddle up on the sofa: with a book or look at a family photo album.
  12. Do a treasure hunt: this is great for 4 and overs. Write and hide clues around the house, which lead to a treat.

If all else fails, make some popcorn and watch their favourite DVD.

What other ideas do you have to entertain your kids indoors?

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