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by admin on August 25, 2013


Chic Stash Launch in Singapore

Chic Stash Launch

Pool in Singapore

The pool

Designer handbags at chic stash launch

And more...

Designer handbags at launch of Chic Stash

Designer handbag collection

Designer Shoes at launch of Chic Stash

Designer Shoes

Designer Sunglasses at Chic Stash

Designer Sunglasses

Chic Stash Launch in SingaporePool in SingaporeDesigner handbags at chic stash launchDesigner handbags at launch of Chic StashDesigner Shoes at launch of Chic StashDesigner Sunglasses at Chic Stash


We all know how glamorous everyone is in Singapore. It never ceases to amaze me how glammed up people get just to go to the malls. I often throw on a posh frock to go to the cinema – because pre-movie martinis at the Hyatt, or somewhere equally swanky, are a must. Even the unfunniest film will seem hysterically funny after a martini or two.

Last week I found myself at the launch of Chic Stash, the new online marketplace for buying and selling second hand designer fashions. There were pre-loved bags, shoes, sunglasses and outfits a plenty.

Chic Stash was set up by US expat sisters, Denise and Diane. The launch took place at their stunning home near Farrer Road, which was more like a Balinese villa than a house in Singapore. I left with serious home envy.

Whilst I can never claim to be a fashion guru (despite wishing I was one), I was pleasantly surprised at how much of their pre-loved designer collection I actually liked. I have been to similar kinds of sales back in the UK but found what was being sold was too off the wall or too vintage for my tastes.

Labels included Prada, Marni and Louboutin and prices ranged from $200 upwards. While I’m sure I spotted an Hermes Birkin bag to die for that was $17,500 even second hand, most of the items seemed reasonably priced. I tried on two dresses, a DKNY black casual number and a Roberto Cavalli electric blue cocktail dress. Both were in immaculate condition and were on sale for less than $400.

The fact that you can buy and sell pre-loved designer fashions is an exciting concept here in Singapore. Chic Stash is a great way to declutter your designer wardrobe as you can go onto their site and sell what you have or they can do it all for you. Or you can use them to revamp your collection. Although my collection of designer fashions is, quite frankly limited, I’m definitely in the market for buying. They are opening a kids’ pre-loved site soon too.

As well as their online boutique, Chic Stash do pop up sales. For more info click here.

Reader Offer: 21st Century Mummy followers will receive $15 off any purchase from ChicStash.com over $100 between now and 30th September.

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