Find of the week: Kikki K kids’ money box

by admin on September 24, 2013


I was browsing around super-stylish stationery store Kikki K, at ION today, and came across this Savings Kit: Karneval, a fabulous kids’ money box that helps teach kids about money.  It is practical and stylish with separate sections for spending, saving and giving, a money book to record transactions, and a cute carnival design. It’s got a padlock too which is a genius idea. At the moment Miss C loves opening her money box, tipping out all the coins and then loses them or I find them all over the floor. She clearly has no idea about money!

It’s important to teach kids about money and encourage them to save money, spend wisely and give generously (if only I’d have done that when I was young). I know friends who get their children to spend a third, save a third and give a third away, which I think is great. For Miss C, we say spend a half and save a half of any money she gets, and as we are thinking about introducing pocket money now she is almost six, a kids’ money box like this will be really useful. As she gets older I will teach her about giving to good causes too.

This kids’ money box would make a gorgeous gift and is a fun way to teach children about money.

The Savings Kit: Karneval is available from Kikki K stores and online for SGD $24.90.

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Susan October 19, 2013 at 10:53 pm

I saw this and I thought it was such a cute and smart way to teach the kids about how to save and spend their money. Love Kikki products too.

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