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by admin on October 10, 2013



Miss C has just turned SIX! She wanted a party in our function room with a Cinderella entertainer. Sounds simple, but there was clearly a shortage of Cinderellas in Singapore as they were all booked out. After deciding against roping in a friend to dress up as a princess, I had a look at The Tiara Society in UE Square, right near our condo. I had heard of it before and knew children could dress up as princesses, but that’s about all I knew. It’s on the third floor so a bit out of the way.

The venue

As you arrive the first thing you see is an explosion of pink and a giant white wooden carriage, the kind Cinderella rode to the ball in before it turned back into a pumpkin. There are wooden kitchens to play in; dressing tables; a Tea party chamber; a Baby chamber full of dolls you can put in high chairs or in their cribs; a Doll chamber; a small area for boys with a toy castle and a pirate ship; and a Royal Wardrobe chamber with rails upon rails of princess dress up clothes and glittery shoes for children to wear, with a handful of outfits for boys (and a few swords). They can accessorise with crowns, tiaras, wands and all sorts of jewels.

As Miss C decided she wanted a girls only party (apparently boys are not cool), the Tiara Society was the perfect venue.

The party

On the day, Miss C was allowed to pick a special birthday girl dress from the Royal Wardrobe chamber, and chose Cinderella’s wedding dress (she assured me she had no intention of getting married as she didn’t want to have to kiss a boy on the lips – sensible girl I’d say). She had 15 friends and it was a drop off party. A few parents stayed and there are chairs to sit on outside the entrance.

There was a princess activity station with nail glitter, eye shadows and lipstick, and tiara making; The girls played Musical Stools, Pass the parcel, and there was dancing too. The cake was cut and the event ended with the Royal Banquet, with sandwiches, pizza and fries (unfortunately both cold), macarons and fruit.


Instead of a goody bag laden with sweets and plastic, the girls were given what every princess should have, a huge diamond, the size of  (bought in China Town – $10 for 3!). These were a hit with the girls.



The verdict: 9/10

I was very pleasantly surprised by The Tiara Society. It’s a fabulous place for a birthday party or just a play. Although it’s not huge, there’s enough space and plenty to keep kids entertained. It’s hassle free and is pretty good value because food is included too. The girls had a blast and it was very calm without boys around. Even though Miss C recently denounced all things pink, she loved being a princess for an afternoon. One thing that I think could be improved is for the staff to be a little more dynamic.

Although you can have boys, it is very pink and princessy and not really a place most boys would like. It’s also a great place to go and play. Baby C who is two absolutely loves it too.

Who this is for: girls who like dressing up, pink, and anything to do with princesses.

Who it isn’t for: boys, unless they like that too.

The Tiara Society Party packages: Start at $500 for a Mini Princess Party and go up to $1400 for a Royal Princes Private Party. I’d definitely recommend two hours.

Cost of play session: Membership is $65. It’s $14 per hour or you can buy $10 drop in voucher booklets. I’d recommend it for two year old’s and up. You can leave children aged four and over to play, while you go and do your food shop. The Tiara Society also organises movie nights and etiquette classes, ideal for your budding debutantes.

For more information visit The Tiara Society’s website.


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