9 things you didn’t know about the American Association of Singapore

by admin on October 27, 2013



The American Association of Singapore’s (AAS) ran its first ever event for bloggers last week, and I was thrilled to be invited. The event was held at ION Art gallery, which is currently featuring ‘Pop in the City’, a solo exhibition by famous American Pop artist Burt Morris. His work, including one of a coffee cup, actually appeared in Central Perk in the superb TV series ‘Friends’. The blogging event was followed by a networking event with guest speakers artist Burt Morris, and Glenn Van Zutphen who gave an excellent speech on the art of communication. It was a great event and  it was good to find out a bit more about the American Association and what they do.

When I arrived here with my family, not only were we new to Singapore we were new to expat life. I was five months pregnant and had a toddler. The first shit hole serviced apartment we stayed in was shockingly awful (it certainly wasn’t the 5-star luxury serviced apartment I had pictured in my head), so we moved to another place after less than five days. Although it was better, I did not see let alone meet another person in the complex for the entire month we lived in it. Life felt pretty damn lonely until we finally moved into our condo, which was thankfully full of friendly families.

Organisations such as the American Association are invaluable for new expats who arrive in Singapore, or indeed any other country, as they are a good way to meet people and a useful source of information and support in those first few often lonely weeks or months.

Here are 9 things you might not know about the AAS.

1. Despite its name, the association is not just for American expats. It’s for expats of all nationalities.

2. It offers an excellent careers programme and job board, ideal if you need help updating your resume for the Singapore market, want to brush up on interview skills or are interested in setting up a business.

3. Founded in 1917, the American Association is the oldest American organisation in Singapore.

4. The association has a regular programme of events ranging from networking events and cultural talks to quiz nights and wine tastings.

5. It organises events for expats that have just arrived in Singapore.

6. It has repatriation programmes for expats who are heading home.

7. It publishes Living in Singapore, a leading reference guide for expats.

8. It organises major events including the Independence Day Celebration, the Turkey Trot  (the annual thanksgiving run) and the George Washington Ball, one of the grandest annual events in Singapore.

9. Membership is $70 for the AAS  ($160 for AAS and the careers resource centre).

For more information, head over to the American Association’s website or visit their Facebook page.

Other expat associations worth mentioning are:

The British Association 

ANZA (Australia & New Zealand Association)

The Swiss Association

The Canadian Association of Singapore

The French Association of Singapore




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