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by admin on November 7, 2013

ANZA Melbourne Cup 2013








The Emirates Melbourne Cup Day is a big day in the expat community in Singapore (thanks to the big Australian contingent over here), and a surprising number of events are held on the island. This year I went along to the ANZA Melbourne Cup event.

For those of you who read my last post ‘Do you ever wish you were more out there’ in which I was freaking out about what I was going to wear, I did wear the shocking pink dress but ditched the giant pompom in favour of a much safer pink fascinator. I just couldn’t do it! The dress was far enough out of my comfort zone as it was.

On the morning of the event Mrs W had worked her magic on my safe headwear option. Armed with a glue gun she ripped apart a black one and attached it to my pink, all in a matter of seconds. The end result was fabulous.

We arrived at Singapore Turf Club in Kranji fashionably late (as you should) and entered a room already full of glammed up ladies in their poshest frocks. Monochrome was clearly the most popular colour combination of the day. There were a few guys dotted around, stay at home dads I’m told. This is the only Melbourne Cup event in Singapore where you can actually bet on the horses and I had a flutter on the main race, won nothing (if only I’d gone for a place rather than to win) and missed out on a chance to win any of the amazing raffle prizes as I ran out of cash.

There was a place to retouch your makeup and another place to take silly photos. We’d all already had a few glasses of champagne before we arrived, hence the above pic taken at the FabFoto Portable Booth. The booth was busy from start to finish. A genius idea for parties. LOVE IT!

There were about 20 or maybe more tables at the venue. The one I was sitting at was hands down the most glamorous table at the event (there should have been a prize for that). All the ladies on the table had been dressed by Mrs W (see my previous post) and were wearing her outlandish creations upon their heads.

Now onto the meal. The sparkling wine was drinkable, the food average at best. Giant portions (they clearly knew nothing about their audience’s eating habits – just one or two mouthfuls for fear of bloating, darling), too garlicky and zero marks for presentation. The caterers did redeem themselves with a delicious apple crumble for desert and a moreish cheese board.

Melbourne Cup Singapore 2013 Fashions

Glam outfits

Melbourne Cup Singapore 2013 Fashions Monochrome

Ladies in monochrome

Fashions in the field ANZA Melbourne Cup party, fashions in the field best hat winner

Best Hat

ANZA Melbourne Cup party fashions in the field

Overall Best Dressed Lady

Melbourne Cup Singapore 2013 FashionsMelbourne Cup Singapore 2013 Fashions MonochromeFashions in the field ANZA Melbourne Cup party, fashions in the field best hat winnerANZA Melbourne Cup party fashions in the field

The highlight at the event other than the main race of course, was the Fashions on the Field competition. There were prizes for Best Hat, Best Dressed Female and Overall Best Dressed Male/Female. There was also Best Dressed Male, but who’s interested in that?! Our table pretty much cleaned up, winning two out of three: Best Hat and Overall Best Dressed Woman. Mrs W is one seriously talented lady. And she only does it for fun!

The morning after the event I awoke hangover free, despite 9 hours spent drinking copious amounts of bubbles and ending up in The Lantern Bar on the lychee martinis. Oh how smug glad I was, especially knowing that ladies (and a few gents) all over Singapore would be waking up to thudding headaches, dry mouths and nauseous stomachs.

So the verdict on the ANZA Melbourne Cup 2013 event in Singapore? It was a great experience despite the food, well organised, a fairly relaxed atmosphere and a good excuse to drink too much. Some guests were clearly far worse for wear than others!

Next year I’m determined to dress more OTT.














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