How our condo raised funds for The Philippines

by admin on November 15, 2013

The world has been touched by the devastating typhoon in The Philippines. Many of our maids here in Singapore have got family and friends who have been affected by it. Some of my friends have maids whose families have lost their homes and others who are still waiting to hear of missing sons and daughters and other relatives. It is absolutely heart-breaking.

Many expats are doing their part to help but it’s hard to know the best way to support the people who most need it. People question whether money donated to huge charities will actually end up where it should or if sending items like clothes, medicines and blankets is actually more of a hindrance than a help. There’s actually not a huge amount of advice on the best ways to help out there at the moment, although I did find this interesting article on what not to donate (all of the above). It does seem that donating cash really is the best way to get help where it’s needed. Typhoon Haiyan: how you can help The Philippines is a very useful article in The Guardian on what agencies and charities are doing to help.

Desperate to help, one of my friends in our condo rallied the troops and organised a bake sale to raise money.

Mums and maids got busy and got baking. So many people contributed delicious cupcakes, gingerbread men, breads, muffins and other treats – I’ve never seen so many, and so many more bought the goodies. There was a fabulous raffle too. By the end of the sale almost everything was gone and (drumroll please) I understand around $2,000 was raised. What an amazing success and so lovely that everyone came together to do this! The money is going to Mercy, a local NGO.

All it takes is a little bit of effort to help these poor people. It’s easy to bake a cake or throw a garage sale to raise money. I urge everyone reading this to do anything they can to help the victims of this tragedy, whether it’s by making a simple cash donation to a charity or agency or organising some kind of fundraising event.

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