21stCM recommends: Personalised video messages from Santa

by admin on November 27, 2013


PNP Portable North Pole Video Message, Message from Santa, christmas

21st Century Mummy is a huge fan of the PNP Portable North Pole personalised video message from Santa. If you’re one of the few who doesn’t know what they are, these video messages are genius (and they’re free). It is like your kids getting a letter from Santa, only a thousand times better. The videos feature Santa talking about whether your child is on his present list and include magical scenes from his home in the North Pole.

I love that the video messages are so personalised. You even get to add photos. I always choose the “nice child” option for both my kids. I know someone who thinks that choosing the “naughty child” option is tantamount to child abuse!

Miss C absolutely loves getting a video from Santa each year and plays each one over and over again. She can even remember what happens in them. This year I have done one for Baby C too, as she is now two and a half.

I’m delighted that the classic message is still free (I did initially think they were charging for it), although you can upgrade by paying to add more photos and for more scenes being included in the video message.

If you haven’t done a PNP Portable North Pole video message already, I highly recommend it. Your kids will love it!


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