Is it wrong to let your kids think Santa is real?

by admin on December 1, 2013

I love Christmas, in fact it’s my favourite time of year, whether I spend it the UK or here in Singapore, or anywhere else in the world. My kids get so excited about Santa coming to deliver presents and to hear their shrieks when they first see the mountain of presents under the tree on Christmas morning is magical.

There’s a bit of a debate going on 21st Century Mummy’s Facebook page about whether it’s wrong to believe in Santa (yes non-believers do exist), so I thought I’d open it up on this blog too as it’s a fascinating subject.

It all started with Miss C saying to me a little boy had told her that the Tooth Fairy and Santa weren’t real. It completely threw me and for a minute I didn’t know how to react. My immediate reaction was disappointment. I was gutted and a little angry that her belief in the magic of Christmas was hanging by a thread. I just asked her why he would say such a thing.

I then put something up on Facebook asking how to convince her Santa and the Tooth Fairy are still real.

Some of the responses shocked me. They were from people who think it is completely wrong to believe in Santa:

“Personally, I think that there is plenty of magic in reality; you don’t need to tell your kids ridiculous stories that will eventually end in heartbreak when they learn the truth. I’m a little disconcerted with this societal notion that kids need to “believe in magic” or whatnot. What’s wrong with kids only getting gifts from other people for Christmas (if you celebrate), or not getting money for teeth? I mean, who thought of that stuff anyway, and what purpose does it serve?”

“If you always tell your kids the truth, they know to trust you. If you lie to them, and they learn that it was a lie, then maybe they don’t believe other stuff you say either. Would be disastrous if they didn’t believe you when you told them about the dangers of drugs, for example.”

I’m not telling an awful lie or trying to deceive my children. As someone who grew up believing Santa, the Tooth Fairy, fairies in general and the Easter Bunny were real, I couldn’t imagine for a minute that not believing could be an option. I’m glad my parents let me believe Santa was real and I certainly don’t think it affected me in a negative way or made me distrust them because of these evil lies they told.

Believing in Santa is part of what Christmas is all about and it’s sad to think some children miss out.

Is it wrong to believe in Santa? Could it actually be harmful on some psychological level?  Or is it a part of our childhood that all children (and their parents) should have the chance to enjoy?

If you believe, he will come, right?

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Sophie December 7, 2013 at 5:07 pm

Believing in Santa and the tooth fairy etc (as I did when I was little) is just part of being a child and still possessing an imagination. I think when you see all these kids bought up completely in the “real world” with no imagination it’s a shame as it’s fun and harmless to play make beleive, it’s not that devestating to find out it was make believe as you get older anyway.
I think bah humbug to those who think it’s detrimental to children to have an imagination.

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