The tale of the tooth fairy and the big, bad mother

by admin on March 6, 2014


The once was a very sweet little girl who lost a tooth. Her tooth had been very wiggly for a while and she was desperate for it come out so the tooth fairy could pay her a visit, and leave her some treasure. For days and days she had been trying to wiggle it out. The little girls asked her mummy to pull it out, but soon gave up on that idea as her mummy was far to squeamish. In the end she asked her aunty to help. Her aunty, who certainly wasn’t squeamish, gave it one big tug and at last it popped out.

The little girl ran around the apartment holding her tooth high in the air, screaming with glee. She was so excited she felt like she was going to burst. That night before she went to bed, she carefully wrapped her tooth in tissue paper, put it into a beautiful silver pouch and she laid it under her pillow. She was determined to stay awake so she could see the tooth fairy, but try as hard as she could she couldn’t keep her eyes open, and was instead soon fast asleep dreaming of fairies.

The next morning she awoke thinking about her tooth. The apartment was in darkness as it was very, very early. She jumped out of her mummy’s and daddy’s bed (as she had managed to sneak into it in the middle of the night) and ran to her bedroom. She put her hands under her pillow, grabbed the pouch and hurriedly opened it up to see the treasure within.

“But where is the money?”, she thought, somewhat puzzled. “Ah! The tooth fairy must have wrapped it in the tissue paper.” So she unravelled the tissue paper and was met with the sight of…”My tooth?” The poor little girl’s heart sank. “Oh! She didn’t come,” she said crestfallen as she tried to hold back her tears,

At the same time her daddy leapt out of bed, “Did you take the tooth?” he said to his wife.

“Ohhhh…f*ck,” said her mummy, and the air turned blue, “I forgot!”

It was time for quick thinking and damage control.

“Perhaps the tooth fairy couldn’t find your tooth under all your pillows”, said Daddy as he hugged the distraught little girl, “Perhaps tonight just have one pillow, I’m sure she’ll come back.”

Now the little girl thought for a moment and decided that seemed like a very reasonable explanation. She blinked her tears away, cheered up by the thought the tooth fairy would pay her a visit again tonight.

“Phew,” said her big, bad mother, “She bought it!” She immediately set her alarm for 10pm that night to make sure the tooth fairy did visit the little girl this time, and spent the rest of the day feeling very, very guilty.







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