FIVE valuable lessons to learn when flying Scoot

by admin on April 21, 2014

A couple of weeks ago 21st Century Family flew Scoot from Singapore to Australia (into Sydney and out of Gold Coast) on an epic adventure (more of that to come). It’s the first time I’d flown on Scoot, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, and I was somewhat nervous about doing a long haul flight on a budget airline with my two children, one of which is a high-spirited two year old. Here’s some lessons I learned that I thought worth sharing.

1)    The cost to change flight dates once you’ve booked is astronomical.

I completely cocked up the dates we were flying (our outbound flight departed two weeks BEFORE my daughter’s Easter holidays started – blonde moment!). Changing the dates would have cost an additional $900 so I left them as they were. Their customer service was unbelievably unhelpful. This is clearly how Scoot makes its money. (Thankfully the teacher didn’t mind too much.)

2)    It’s worth booking extra leg room.

For not much more money you can book seats with extra leg room. This is worth doing if you are travelling with kids/have long legs as you get a lot more space. An added bonus is that you often end up with a spare seat next to you as not many people book them. We were also offered upgrades to ScootBiz on the day for $300 for two people.

3)    It doesn’t always pay to pre-book.

Everything costs extra on Scoot, even TV screens. I couldn’t even contemplate flying eight hours without some sort of technology to distract the children (and myself) so I decided to pre-booked one extra iPad for $20 each way. It didn’t have a good selection of films/TV programmes on it, especially for children and we didn’t end up using it on the night flight. I was also annoyed to find you could rent one for only $6 on the actual flight.

4)    They don’t have bassinets.

We are past that stage now, but it’s worth knowing if you have a baby.

5)    Buy food and drink before you fly.

The food and drink selection was limited. I prebooked meals and they were pretty awful, plus I couldn’t even buy a G&T. It would have been better to buy sandwiches, food and drink etc at the airport and only order food on the plain if and when we needed it.

After I found out how much it would cost to change our flight dates and having dealt with their very unhelpful customer service department, I swore I’d never fly Scoot again, however both flights (on Boeing 777s) went surprisingly smoothly (helped by the fact that both children behaved impeccably). The staff was incredibly helpful and efficient, and there were no delays. Plus all four of us flew from Singapore to Australia and back for under $2,000.

Based on the experience on the day, I have changed my mind and I would fly Scoot again.



Nicola April 22, 2014 at 9:49 am

Great tips, am going to share on my FB page x

admin May 19, 2014 at 1:35 pm

Thanks :) x

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