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by admin on August 6, 2014

To some expat parents it’s very important for their kids to go to a school that follows the British curriculum especially if they know they’ll be heading back home at some point. It means their children should adjust back into the British system much more easily and hopefully avoid extra tuition. To others its important their kids speak with a British accent. Although I think getting a good education is essential, we have no plans to go back to the UK anytime soon so it doesn’t matter if she does the British curriculum. I’m also a big fan of the International Baccalaureate programme. One other major reason for a British international school not being my first choice is that I don’t want my kids to just hangout with just Brits. And I don’t want to hang out with just Brits either! I think it’s important for my family to get a broader perspective on life and to have mix of friends from all over the world. I have British friends who just hang out with other Brits and think it’s just weird.  

There are several international schools in Singapore that follow the British curriculum. Tanglin Trust School is one of the best. It follows the British curriculum to all intent and purpose, with a few international variations such as the introduction of Mandarin, although sadly that is minimal (I have plenty to say about that but I’ll stick to the story). Our eldest is now at Tanglin but I was actually reluctant to send her there for the above reasons and it wasn’t my first choice but it is the safe option. Thankfully, even though 70% of Miss C’s class have British passports, there are parents from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, Singapore and numerous other countries. Other schools in Singapore that adhere to the British curriculum include Dulwich, opening next month, and just over the border, Marlborough College.

Whatever your motive for choosing a British education, Expat and Offshore have created this interactive map to help expats locate all the schools worldwide that offer the British Curriculum. So wherever you are or you are moving to, this map will provide the information you need.

View the list of British Schools Offshore and suggest additional locations



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