Fantasia by Escriba: a real life Willy Wonka’s Chocholate Factory

by admin on August 22, 2014

The world's largest chocolate waterfall, Fantasia by Escriba,

The world's largest chocolate waterfall

Fantasia by Escriba

Fantasia by Escriba

Milk chocolate hippo, fantasia by ascribe

Milk chocolate hippo

Monkey and the cupcake tree, Fantasia by Escriba

Monkey and the cupcake tree

Edible elephant, fantasia by ascribe

Edible elephant

Crema Catalan eggs, fantasia by ascribe

Crema Catalan eggs

Faberge Egg cake, fantasia by ascribe

Faberge Egg cake

Eiffel Tower made from Macarons

Eiffel Tower made of Macarons

Fantasia by Escriba, chocolate ham

Chocolate ham

Leg of chocolate ham, fantasia by ascribe

Leg of chocolate ham

Academy at Fantasia by Escriba, Singapore

Academy at Fantasia by Escriba

The world's largest chocolate waterfall, Fantasia by Escriba,Fantasia by EscribaMilk chocolate hippo, fantasia by ascribeMonkey and the cupcake tree, Fantasia by EscribaEdible elephant, fantasia by ascribeCrema Catalan eggs, fantasia by ascribeFaberge Egg cake, fantasia by ascribeEiffel Tower made from MacaronsFantasia by Escriba, chocolate hamLeg of chocolate ham, fantasia by ascribeIMG_1615IMG_1614Academy at Fantasia by Escriba, Singapore

What child hasn’t dreamed of stepping into a real life Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?

Roald Dahl’s world-famous book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has made many a child all over the world drool at the thought of sailing down rivers of liquid chocolate and eating candy fruit from trees.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the latest experience to be unveiled in Singapore – Fantasìa by Escribà, billed as the world’s first ever confectionery theatre extravaganza. It is the brainchild of acclaimed pastry chefs from Barcelona, Christian Escribà and Patricia Schmidt.

The doors to Fantasìa by Escribà open onto a dark corridor illuminated with fluorescent blue clouds and a canopy of twinkling lights. You are led down the corridor and at the end you are greeted by real life Willy Wonka-type showman, dressed as a baker and standing on top of giant birthday cake decorated with giant red and white striped candy canes, huge bright red lips and a purple toadstool. His booming voice urges you to join him on a journey into the fantasy world of sugar and all things sweet. The subtle aroma of warm, smooth cocoa fills your nostrils and grows stronger and stronger until you reach Dreamland. The main attraction is the 8.5 m chocolate waterfall. Liquid red-brown chocolate splashes down the side of the vast rock structure. You can sample chocolate shots (milk or dark). My vote is for the dark – smooth, creamy and lip-smackingly delicious, and I don’t even like dark chocolate. I couldn’t manage a whole one! From there you are led into Nature, a room filled with life-size edible animals from milk chocolate hippos and white chocolate crocodiles encrusted with candy jewels lying in pools of chocolate to a stunning white elephant made from meringue, white chocolate and caramel, with sugar flowers adorning its ears and gold tusks made of sugar. The intricate design work is staggering. All around there are actors and performers dressed up as minotaurs or strange-looking mice or other crazy costumes and sweet treats such as melt-in-your-mouth strawberry yoghurt lollipops to try.

There’s a performance from the impressive Comediants to watch at the Royal Cake Theatre, a section where you can find out all about the history of Escriba and you also get the chance to look at some other stunning creations. My favourites were a 3 metre Eiffel Tower made out of macaroons, a Faberge chocolate egg cake made with 50 Faberge chocolate eggs and a silver teddy bear made out of 40,000 chocolate lollipops. You can then stroll through La Ramblas where you can taste all sorts of other naughty-but-nice sweet or savoury treats from golden eggs filled with Crema Catalan (a creme-brulee type desert) and chocolate ham – surprisingly delicious when served on a cracker with a sprinkle of rock salt, to sweet and savoury pastries. There is a kids’ area with entertainment and activities and plenty of spots to grab an alcoholic drink.

The verdict: Fantasìa by Escribà is an experience for all ages, and kids will love it. Parents may not love the high on sugar aftermath! It’s wild and crazy and will send everyone one of your senses into a spin. Think Roald Dahl meets a modern-day circus with Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe thrown in for good measure. It’s decadent, indulgent and terribly wicked! And, don’t worry you can start your sugar-free detox straight afterwards.

Fantasìa by Escribà goes well on its way to make the chocolate factory fantasy a reality and you get to feel like what it might have been like to be Charlie. All that was missing was a few golden tickets and the Oompah Loompahs. Hopefully no child will turn into a giant blueberry.

Additional info:

When and where: Fantasìa by Escribà is on at Marina Bay Sands Convention and Expo Centre from today (22 August) until Sunday 24 August. Each session lasts an hour and a half and includes up to 12 samplings. Alcohol costs extra.

Cost: $128 for adults, $88 for children over 3 are $88. Kids 3 and under are free. It may seem on a little on the pricy side but, just like going to the theatre, you do get an entire experience.

There’s also an adults only Ibiza-style party at 10.30pm on Saturday night. Now I wish I was going to that!

For more info on Fantasìa by Escribà click here




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