10 go-to sites for expats in Singapore

by admin on September 25, 2014


If you’re a newbie to Singapore and are feeling lost or overwhelmed, or even if you’re an expat who’s been here a while, here are some awesome sites you should know about that will make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Expat Food Hall – Next time you are craving Kraft peanut butter, Violet Crumble, Irn Bru or other favourites from your home country, head over to this site and you can stock up!
  • Iherb – The place to go for all your vitamins, supplements, organic baby food pouches and snacks, and natural sun creams etc. This US-based site stocks a million and one natural products that you often can’t find here, and they cost way less. Shipping is only $4 and is quick.
  • Singapore Expat Wives Facebook group (SEW) – This is a private group with over 10,000 expat women and counting, and they all have an opinion! Posts range from “Is my child’s poo normal” to “can you freeze placenta if I want to bring it from the US?”. Posts often result in heated and often quite nasty debates which usually makes for highly entertaining, although sometimes cringing reading. If you are prepared to face the wrath of this feisty female tribe, this site is an incredible useful source of information and advice. As this is a closed group, you have to request to join.
  • Singapore Expat Wives Classified – For those wanting to buy/sell anything from homewares to kids stuff, this is Singapore Expat Wives classified group. Again it’s a closed group so you need to request to join it.
  • Survive SG – If your hair is frizztastic and your usually blemish-free skin seems to have regressed to that of teenager since arriving in Singapore (thanks to the constant heat, humidity and air pollution) then Survive SG is just the ticket. They sell products sourced from across the world from anti-frizz serums that work wonders to mosquito repellent and baby skincare products.
  • PropertyGuru – If you need find somewhere to live, then this site lists all the latest apartments and houses for rent around Singapore.
  • Shopbop – Although shopping for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in Singapore is improving, it’s still overpriced and there’s a limited selection. Shopbop stocks all the latest designer brands and delivers for free.
  • The Honeycombers – the essential source for all things hip and happening in Singapore. Their carefully curated site features articles on things such as latest bars and restaurants, cool cafes, chic boutiques and what to do at the weekend.
  • Honeykids – just launched by the aforementioned, this is a fantastic online guide for parents in Singapore. Find out about playcentres, schools, family-friendly restaurants, events and where to travel with kids.
  • Ladyironchef – this fantastic food and travel blog is a great source of info when it comes to finding out the best places to eat and drink in Singapore. It has lots of reviews and guides. Despite the moniker, Ladyironchef is actually a man!

If you can recommend any others, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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