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Benefits and Little Britain

by 21stcenturymummy on April 24, 2010

The next Mummy Blogging Carnival is being hosted by Mummydothat and has a political theme, which, given the upcoming election is a brilliant idea.  I have one or two, in fact, many gripes with the way this country is currently run, so with the election imminent here is my post.

The Socialist State We Live In

My husband and I are working parents (I work 2 days a week). As working parents, we work hard for the money we earn but are penalised for doing so with the ever-increasing taxes (such as the proposed National Insurance increase) we are forced to pay under the current government. These taxes go towards paying for the increasing number of handouts the government is giving out. It is so easy for people, who quite frankly can’t be bothered to get off their a*se to get a job, to claim benefits. [click to continue…]

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