My Little Miracle

by admin on May 20, 2011

You may have realised I’ve not been blogging for a short while. Anyone who follows my blog will know that I’ve been trying for a second baby for over three years. I, like many women out there, suffered from secondary infertility. This is where you find it easy to have one child but struggle to have another.

My quest for a second child has been a long and often traumatic, costing us emotionally and financially. I’ve been to the depths of despair after repeated miscarriages, feeling like I was in a horse race I wasn’t winning, facing hurdle after hurdle. At times I wondered if we would ever be able to have a second child.

Well, finally we made it past the finishing post.

7 days ago, my daughter, Savannah Grace, was born. I AM SOOO HAPPY! I want to jump up and down and shout and cry (please pass the tissues).

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Last night I watched Inside Out on BBC1 about the launch of Project Prevention, a highly controversial charity, in the UK. It was actually a while ago that I’d heard about Project Prevention, originally set up in the US by a lady called Barbara Harris. Her experience of fostering babies born to those addicted to drugs and alcohol led her to one conclusion: that drug addicts should be offered financial inducement to be sterilised. The charity has started to speak to mums that are drug addicts in the UK and is offering £200 to any that agree to be sterilised.

According to Inside Out, the number of babies suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms when they are born has increased by a shocking 70% in the past 10 years. What is equally horrifying is that 1,000,000 children are living with parents who abuse drugs. These children are more likely to be abused, neglected or to become drug addicts themselves. Many end up growing up in care. Project Prevention believes the only way to halt the trend is to stop addicts from having children altogether. [click to continue…]

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Why I wish babies were delivered by stork

August 21, 2010

Whoever said having a baby was easy? Actually, I’m not sure anyone did, although some mums seem to pop babies out almost like they’re delivering letters. Giving birth is supposed to be the best day of your life, but for many women, it’s the complete opposite. Here is my birth story.

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Home Births: A Risk or A Right?

August 3, 2010

‘Women do not have ‘the right’ to choose to have a home birth’ Following on from a post on Clued Up Dads, I read an article in the Daily Mail on Friday stated that according to a leading medical journal, women do not have ‘the right’ to choose to have a home birth because it risks […]

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Asherman's Syndrome: Interview with Specialist Mr Adrian Lower

July 7, 2010

Having recently been diagnosed and had surgery for Asherman’s Syndrome (AS) myself – also known as Intrauterine Adhesions (usually caused by d&cs following miscarriage, terminations and to remove retained placenta at birth), I thought it would help raise awareness of the condition by posting the interview with Mr Lower by Sophie Blake. If undiagnosed, AS […]

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Never in a million years thought I'd breastfeed

July 2, 2010

Is breast-feeding creepy? There seems to have a been a big backlash following Cathryn Blundell’s (deputy editor at Mother and Baby) comment in the magazine that she finds breast-feeding creepy. I have to say I agree with her in a way. Never thought I’d breastfeed Right up until the moment my daughter was born I never […]

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