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Children's Birthday Cakes: Bake It or Fake It?

by 21stcenturymummy on August 15, 2010

Bit of birthday cake theme going on at this week. See my recent post on Barbie Princess Birthday Cake.

It’s party season for us at the moment. Three 3-year old parties this weekend alone. At each party, all the children hang out for the BIRTHDAY CAKE. The question is do you buy or make the birthday cake yourself? I tend to do both, well actually, as I have the cooking/baking skills of a goat, my mother makes a cake for the birthday party for all my daughter’s friends and I buy one (usually a Waitrose or M&S number) for the family/grown-up friends party. I do feel a teeny bit guilty that I don’t make one myself, especially when I see some of the creations my friends produce.

At one party this weekend, there was an amazing train cake on the table. Apparently the little boy had insisted he wanted a train. What a fabulous creation:

Apparently his father, yes that’s right, his FATHER, had made it. I really thought he was winding me up. It’s from Annabel Karmel and is the No Bake Train Cake. It easier than it looks but it’s pretty impressive all the same.

Amazing! Not only did it look fab, it was made by a Dad. Wonder if my OH would be interested in making a cake for his daughter?

Bet there are lots of mums out there that do bake their own cakes.

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