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Source: BBC News Online 11 Nov 09

BBC NEWS | Politics | Brown defends childcare changes

Gordon Brown is planning to phase out tax relief on childcare vouchers (known as the Employer Supported Childcare Scheme) for parents over the next five year. Nursery fees in our area, Fulham, are extortionate – we pay £85 a day for our 2 year old to go to one locally, so you need to earn a considerable amount of money to just break even. The childcare vouchers are a good initiative because they basically mean you get tax relief when you buy the vouchers. Both parents can claim them if they work (and if their company participates in the scheme), so you can end up saving up to £900 per person per year. It’s not amazing, but every little helps.

Yet again, it seems to be the people that work hard to earn money that are made to suffer, in order to help poor people people from less advantaged backgrounds. I thought the government was trying to get mums back to work, but this latest plan will result in the exact opposite happening. There really don’t seem to be any incentives for mums to go back to work, so why should we bother.

Please sign the petition for the Prime Minister to rethink plans to scrap the childcare voucher scheme.

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