Recurrent Miscarriage, my story

by 21stcenturymummy on November 30, 2009

Miscarriages are awful things. The statistics on how many people have them are so high, it’s actually something like 1 in 3 (some women wouldn’t even know).  It’s often not really talked about. For example, I mentioned it to the girls in my NCT group after my first miscarriage and found out one girl had had 5 and another girl had had one (3 out of 6 of us), When you have one miscarriage it’s bad enough, but some women (like myself) go on to have two, three or even more. Everyone reacts differently when it happens- I know some mums who have been absolutely distraught after one miscarriage and others that have moved on and tried again. However each time it happens, it gets harder and harder to pick yourself up from it.

I hope the information I include might help other mums in the same situation. I have written a couple of previous posts on it too.


I had one miscarriage before having my daughter – a missed miscarriage. I then had my daughter who was was born only weighing 2.2kgs, despite being 10 days over due, and we both had to stay in hospital for two weeks. I had a variant form of pre-eclampsia which was missed (thanks to huge cock-ups by the national health system, but that’s another story). I have since had two more (and maybe one or two others at a really early stage) within the first 12 weeks. The worst thing has been going for scans. You see the look on their faces, then they tell you they are sorry, but the pregnancy has failed – you really do feel a sense of despair. The first one happened naturally, although it took over 2 months for my hormone levels to go back to normal! I tried medical management (ie taking tablets) after the second, which didn’t work properly, so the only other option was the surgical route and I have ended up having 3 ERPCs (D&Cs) as one had to be repeated this year. The most recent one I had privately at St. Marys Hospital in Paddington, a better experience by far than on the NHS at the Chelsea & Westminster.

After each one, my thought process has been very much that it was obviously not meant to be and I have picked myself up quickly, trying to make light of it.  The best thing for me has been not to think about them, otherwise I probably would have ended up a complete mess! However I have found them extremely draining physically, being prodded and poked around is not very nice. AND I am a terrible patient, a very nervous one too.


After the last one I decided to see Raj Rai, a leading recurrent miscarriage consultant (one of the best in the country) as a private patient at St. Marys – which cost a hell of a lot of money, but didn’t necessarily mean better/quicker service than if I’d been referred on the NHS, in fact it’s been shockingly bad!  I had blood tests and and an HSG (xray of the uterus -which was suprisingly painless). The results: I have scarring which could be a potential cause of the miscarriages, but also my TEG blood test indicated I have a problem with my blood clotting too quickly. This could explain why my daughter was so small when she was born (despite going 10 days over due).

The treatment – for the scarring – more surgery to remove the scars, but this process can actually cause more scarring (bizarre hey?) and then you have to have two coils fitted and hormone replacement injections. So I’m avoiding that for now (I’ve already had 3 general anaesthetics this year). For the blood clotting – the next time I get pregnant I have to take aspirin as well as heparin injections every day for the first 24 weeks – fun hey?

I often wonder if I could have done anything to avoid this, perhaps I should have started a family sooner – I was 34 when I had my daughter. It’s also easy to say “Why me?”  but I try not to think like that. At least I have one happy, healthy child. BUT, it’s getting harder and harder to keep positive. I have turned into one of those mums who is desperate to get pregnant, however I’m terrified of it happening again.

p.s. If anyone else has had a miscarriage and wants more information on any of the above, I’m really happy to help!

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Miscarriage Update – ERPC afterall

by 21stcenturymummy on October 10, 2009

Firstly it look likes the medical management of my miscarriage didn’t work after all. I had such high hopes, but it looks like my body doesn’t want to let go. My only other option is to wait, but it could be a long wait and I just want to get it over with. So now I am booked in to have an ERPC procedure. I am the worst patient in the world (no kidding) when it comes to any kind of invasive medical examinations, surgery etc. I am scared, actually more like petrified. I know an ERPC is a straight forward procedure, but it’s not the point!

The only consolation is that this time I’m having it done privately and will hopefully be treated less like a number and more like a person. I’m also going to be having some investigations done.

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Another missed miscarriage

September 15, 2009

I have just found out after a scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit, I’ve had yet another missed miscarriage, my 2nd since the birth of my daughter (my 3rd in total). In a way I anticipated it as things hadn’t been right from the outset, bad cramps, spotting etc, but it’s still hard when you […]

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