Chic Stash Launch in Singapore

Chic Stash Launch

Pool in Singapore

The pool

Designer handbags at chic stash launch

And more...

Designer handbags at launch of Chic Stash

Designer handbag collection

Designer Shoes at launch of Chic Stash

Designer Shoes

Designer Sunglasses at Chic Stash

Designer Sunglasses

Chic Stash Launch in SingaporePool in SingaporeDesigner handbags at chic stash launchDesigner handbags at launch of Chic StashDesigner Shoes at launch of Chic StashDesigner Sunglasses at Chic Stash


We all know how glamorous everyone is in Singapore. It never ceases to amaze me how glammed up people get just to go to the malls. I often throw on a posh frock to go to the cinema – because pre-movie martinis at the Hyatt, or somewhere equally swanky, are a must. Even the unfunniest film will seem hysterically funny after a martini or two.

Last week I found myself at the launch of Chic Stash, the new online marketplace for buying and selling second hand designer fashions. There were pre-loved bags, shoes, sunglasses and outfits a plenty.

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Singapore gasps for air

by admin on June 20, 2013

As I sit in my apartment that reeks of the not entirely unpleasant smell of burning trees, my eyes stinging, my throat sore and my lungs starting to feel like I’ve chain-smoked an entire packet of Malboro Reds, Singapore is gripped by a national crisis: the Haze. This Haze has been caused by smoke from forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia, due to the practise of open burning to clear land for agricultural, or deforestation to you and I.

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21stCM is back (minus my iPhone)

April 4, 2013

21stCM is back in the land of blogging, well almost, given our internet connection seems to be frustratingly sporadic and I left my beloved iPhone in the UK. Ap0logies for being so quiet. It was time for our yearly trip back to the UK. Nearly three weeks of ‘hecticness’, of over-eating, over-drinking and over-indulging.

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Guesting at Telegraph.co.uk: Top expats on Twitter

July 16, 2012

As part of The Telegraph Online’s fortnightly feature on top expats on Twitter, I was recently interviewed about my views on Twitter. You can check out the interview here. You can find out my three recommendations of who to follow on Twitter and my advice to other expats looking to get started on it. 21stCM x

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Guesting at Vegemitevix: my expat story

July 8, 2012

I’m a British expat mum/wife (or trailing spouse as we are known)/woman living in Singapore. I’m fairly new to the expat scene and I love hearing about other expat adventures. Today I’m guesting at one of my favourite blogs, Vegemitevix, answering questions about how I ended up being an expat and what it’s like living […]

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Only in Singapore…

June 28, 2012

Yesterday I bought some juicy-looking strawberries from Cold Storage, the main supermarket chain in Singapore. I got them home to find nearly all of them mouldy. Great, no strawberries. It was the last straw to a crap morning. They picked the wrong person to mess with, I was in the the mood to complain.

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Singapore: Top tips for finding somewhere to live

June 26, 2012

We didn’t know a huge amount about Singapore when we first arrived. I’d spent a few days there as a backpacker a long time ago, when I first fell in love with the island, and Mr C had never been before. Often big corporates organise recces for people relocating, so they are able to spend […]

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Top tips for relocating abroad

June 5, 2012

  We’ve been in Singapore just over a year now. It’s been a year of huge change, steep learning curves and working out what not to do when faced with the daunting task of relocating abroad. It was our first move from the UK and we didn’t get any help from Mr C’s company, so […]

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