When I first arrived in Singapore, I quickly learnt (the hard way) that there are certain essential items you need when venturing out with children. It’s hot, humid and we don’t have a car. I ended up with a checklist on the back of the door because I’d always forget something. So here’s some practical advice on what to take with you, which is useful for any family holiday.

Natural Mosi spray/patches – although malaria has been eradicated, you can get Dengue Fever and it can make you very very sick (and even result in death), so it’s best to avoid being bitten altogether. Easier said than done. Mosquitos are generally found in green areas like parks and near water. Anti-mosquito patches from pharmacies that are great for kids as you stick them on their clothes. I was bitten non-stop when I first arrived here, but not so much anymore. Perhaps I’m no longer considered fresh blood in the mosquito world ! [click to continue…]

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Tolerance, Ear Plugs & A Glass of Wine

by 21stcenturymummy on September 5, 2010

Ever since a woman sued an airline because her eardrums apparently burst due to a three year old screaming, the hot topic of conversation as the moment is child-free flights, or family-only sections on planes. Since then, flight comparison website Skyscanner, published a survey that says 60% of people would like a kids-only section on aeroplanes.

Whilst I understand sitting next to a screaming baby or misbehaving child can make your blood pressure go through the roof, (I get annoyed even though I have a child), child-free section or flights – what a stupid idea!

My 2 year old has always been a good traveller, she’s never screamed or played up. I personally couldn’t think of anything worse than being squashed amongst other families.

There’s plenty of adult passengers who don’t exactly set the perfect example of good behaviour either. They’re often loud, obnoxious and extremely annoying. I’d personally like snoring-free sections, [click to continue…]

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