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When Christmas Came Early

by 21stcenturymummy on July 27, 2010

Well it did when John Lewis held their Christmas in July event. As I usually do most of my Christmas shopping at Peter Jones on the Kings Road, I thought it would be worth going along. Okay so this post may be a couple of weeks later than planned, but it’s been a busy summer (and I still wanted to publish it).

I’d like to salute John Lewis because despite being a retail old-timer and something of an instiution, they are ahead of many in their game in that they have embraced social media and have recognised the power and influence of the 1000+ Mummy Bloggers.

Picture this: A hot, humid summer’s day, fake snow blasting out from the doorway, Christmas trees, baubles and mummy bloggers from all around the UK (and even Potty Mummy who writes the Potty Diaries who came all the way from Russia). [click to continue…]

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Conical Bras, would you wear one?

by 21stcenturymummy on November 5, 2009


Never, Never, Never!

According to the Daily Mail, John Lewis has reported a surge in sales of conical bras. Read the full article on by Claire Coleman, 5 November 2009  here

They look hideous. I say leave them to Madonna, back in the 90’s where they belong!

p.s. I seem to remember many maternity bras had a delightfully unattractive conical shape.

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Obsession with Buggies

October 3, 2009

A couple of months ago I spent the best £7.99 ever, on a toy buggy for my daughter. I first realised how much she liked them when we were went to the park or playground. Forget the swings, slides, seesaws, she’d be off in the direction of the nearest buggy she spotted, mowing down anything […]

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