My Little Miracle

by admin on May 20, 2011

You may have realised I’ve not been blogging for a short while. Anyone who follows my blog will know that I’ve been trying for a second baby for over three years. I, like many women out there, suffered from secondary infertility. This is where you find it easy to have one child but struggle to have another.

My quest for a second child has been a long and often traumatic, costing us emotionally and financially. I’ve been to the depths of despair after repeated miscarriages, feeling like I was in a horse race I wasn’t winning, facing hurdle after hurdle. At times I wondered if we would ever be able to have a second child.

Well, finally we made it past the finishing post.

7 days ago, my daughter, Savannah Grace, was born. I AM SOOO HAPPY! I want to jump up and down and shout and cry (please pass the tissues).

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(Chinese for Qi)

As I have had a few complications with this pregnancy, I decided to see a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) specialist at Eu Yan Sang – I am in Asia afterall. There are hundreds of so-called TCM specialists here, many unlicensed, but the specialist I saw at Eu Yan Sang was fully licensed and works with my obstetrician’s fertility patients. I’m always open to alternative therapies to complement traditional medicine, although I’m not necessarily a true believer in them. In the past have had acupuncture, seen a homeopathist, a healer and I’ve even had a session of absent healing since I’ve been here (I’m not a tree-hugger).

I know lots of mums who swear by acupuncture or herbs to help with fertility issues. [click to continue…]

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December 2, 2010

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Let's Talk Miscarriage

November 4, 2010

My heart goes out to Lily Allen following her miscarriage. I don’t think there will be anything anyone can say/do to make her feel any better right now, especially as she was so far on her pregnancy. It’s made me think of my situation. I had one miscarriage before my daughter (now 2 and a […]

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Asherman's Syndrome: Interview with Specialist Mr Adrian Lower

July 7, 2010

Having recently been diagnosed and had surgery for Asherman’s Syndrome (AS) myself – also known as Intrauterine Adhesions (usually caused by d&cs following miscarriage, terminations and to remove retained placenta at birth), I thought it would help raise awareness of the condition by posting the interview with Mr Lower by Sophie Blake. If undiagnosed, AS […]

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