A month in the life of a DTGP

by 21stcenturymummy on July 20, 2011

I wrote a while ago, when I was trying for a baby, but never got around to publishing it.

Being DTGP (desperate to get pregnant) can make you a little obsessive and a little crazy. Each month you go through the same rollercoaster. This is my take on it.

A month in the life of a DTGP goes something a bit like this.

Day 1 – Sees the arrival of Aunt Flo. Check you’re stocked up with at least 30 different supplements, chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies. Make sure your good luck charms and crystals are by your bed/under your pillow. Do anything else you’ve been told (superstitious or otherwise) that might help you get pregnant.

Day 2 – Reflexology session to ensure you are destressed, come out feeling very relaxed. This feeling lasts all of 10 minutes when you get home to your children screaming.

Day 3 – Get some acupuncture, hate needles, but somehow manage to conquer your deepest fears for something this important.

Day 4 – See a healer (reason as above), in fact see anyone who will take your money. The more you do, the better you feel.

Day 6 – Get out the ovulation sticks. Disappointment because no smiley face :(

Day 7-9 – Test again for the elusive smiley face. Feel positivity flagging.

Day 10 – Still no smiley face, think you obviously have no eggs left and must be going through the menopause. Be grumpy and emotional all day. Rant at OH. Start doing a test both in the morning and at night.

Day 12 – Hurray, smiley face on stick. Feeling elated :). Call OH to let him know about smiley face and that he has to cancel playing football/meeting his mates (delete as appropriate) as you need him for far more important things. Get cross when he doesn’t share your enthusiasm.

Have sex, because you have to. Try hard to pretend otherwise.

Day 13 – Have sex again, because you have to.

Day 15 – Examine your body for signs of pregnancy. Do you need the loo more? Are your boobs bigger? Any sensation in your tummy?

Hope, pray, do visualisation, think positive thoughts.

Day 15 – Convince yourself you are having pregnancy symptoms

Day 20 – 25 – Go to chemist and buy 25 pregnancy tests. Do one every morning, one at lunchtime and one in the evening – all negative.

Day 25-28 – Keep doing the tests, just in case.

Day 1 – Aunt Flo arrives again, last glimmer of hope fades. Cry, shout, scream, feel like a failure. Have a bottle of wine (or two) to drown your sorrows.

Wake up with a headache AND start the process all over again

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My Little Miracle

by admin on May 20, 2011

You may have realised I’ve not been blogging for a short while. Anyone who follows my blog will know that I’ve been trying for a second baby for over three years. I, like many women out there, suffered from secondary infertility. This is where you find it easy to have one child but struggle to have another.

My quest for a second child has been a long and often traumatic, costing us emotionally and financially. I’ve been to the depths of despair after repeated miscarriages, feeling like I was in a horse race I wasn’t winning, facing hurdle after hurdle. At times I wondered if we would ever be able to have a second child.

Well, finally we made it past the finishing post.

7 days ago, my daughter, Savannah Grace, was born. I AM SOOO HAPPY! I want to jump up and down and shout and cry (please pass the tissues).

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Mummy Only Time: Reflexology

March 4, 2011

Just before I left England for our new life in Singapore it was a very stressful time. I was pregnant and panicking about our huge move ahead. The lovely Gintare from BlossomandJasmine, home beauty and massage specialists, offered me a reflexology treatment at home. I LOVE reflexology. It makes me feel like I’ve had an […]

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Pregnancy: So different this time around

February 4, 2011

My pregnancy with my daughter was so different to this one. I’ve got 15 weeks to go. Perhaps this time, I’m older, wiser (or not) and more aware. Last time I had mild morning sickness. This time I had morning, afternoon and evening sickness. Last time my appetite was normal. This time I didn’t stop eating for the […]

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Why I wish babies were delivered by stork

August 21, 2010

Whoever said having a baby was easy? Actually, I’m not sure anyone did, although some mums seem to pop babies out almost like they’re delivering letters. Giving birth is supposed to be the best day of your life, but for many women, it’s the complete opposite. Here is my birth story.

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Home Births: A Risk or A Right?

August 3, 2010

‘Women do not have ‘the right’ to choose to have a home birth’ Following on from a post on Clued Up Dads, I read an article in the Daily Mail on Friday stated that according to a leading medical journal, women do not have ‘the right’ to choose to have a home birth because it risks […]

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A New Kind of Support in Pregnancy

June 21, 2010

Neither had I until about a year ago. I heard a radio presenter talking a new product for ‘women with bigger breasts‘ to stop ‘crepe-ing‘ (creases between your boobs/chest) and that is ideal during pregnancy. (I remembered years ago, my Father saying my Step-mother got hers from too much sun). I think I went from a […]

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