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Chic Stash Launch in Singapore

Chic Stash Launch

Pool in Singapore

The pool

Designer handbags at chic stash launch

And more...

Designer handbags at launch of Chic Stash

Designer handbag collection

Designer Shoes at launch of Chic Stash

Designer Shoes

Designer Sunglasses at Chic Stash

Designer Sunglasses

Chic Stash Launch in SingaporePool in SingaporeDesigner handbags at chic stash launchDesigner handbags at launch of Chic StashDesigner Shoes at launch of Chic StashDesigner Sunglasses at Chic Stash


We all know how glamorous everyone is in Singapore. It never ceases to amaze me how glammed up people get just to go to the malls. I often throw on a posh frock to go to the cinema – because pre-movie martinis at the Hyatt, or somewhere equally swanky, are a must. Even the unfunniest film will seem hysterically funny after a martini or two.

Last week I found myself at the launch of Chic Stash, the new online marketplace for buying and selling second hand designer fashions. There were pre-loved bags, shoes, sunglasses and outfits a plenty.

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