We didn’t know a huge amount about Singapore when we first arrived. I’d spent a few days there as a backpacker a long time ago, when I first fell in love with the island, and Mr C had never been before. Often big corporates organise recces for people relocating, so they are able to spend a week or two sussing out schools, accommodation and anything else. This wasn’t the case for us. We had a month from the time we arrived to find somewhere to live. Not easy with Mr C working, me pregnant and Miss C, a very reluctant companion on accommodation visits. We saw about 25-30 apartments, much to her disgust. I had to bribe her with treats (sometimes there is no other option). We finally picked Aspen Heights, River Valley Road. It’s definitely to be recommended if you have children and we love it.

Here are my top tips on finding somewhere to live in Singapore. [click to continue…]

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Singapore:Adjusting to Expat Living

by admin on March 5, 2011

I have to keep reminding myself this (our move to Singapore) was my idea. I pushed for it for a LONG time. My husband has started his new job, leaving Miss C and I home alone in a pretty dreadful apartment, with no TV and a terrible internet connection.  I am a SAHM for the time being and not a very good one at that!

What we’re doing is so incredibly exciting, but I honestly, and perhaps naively, thought it would be easier than this. Then again we’re doing this move with a three year old, who needs constant entertaining, and I’m pregnant (and a teeny bit hormonal).

We’re strangers in a new city with its own rules and a different way of life, trying to make a new life for ourselves. A part of me is lonely – and life is boring (on a day to day basis) when the rain comes and I have no idea what there is to do or where to go to. All I want to do is lie down, but my 3 year old needs my attention. My husband works late every night so I’m on my own more than I’d like to be.

The heat is exhausting and making Miss C tired and crabby. She doesn’t want to walk anywhere, preferring to sit in her buggy (try make her sit in it when were in the UK – not a chance!). She spent an entire taxi journey earlier today telling the driver how “boring” and “disgusting” taxi rides are! I try to be understanding as I know she’s experiencing some massive changes in her life (and is already staying in the 3rd different place in less than a month). How could she possibly understand it’s hard for me too?

I know we made the right decision to come it and I know it will get better. I just need to give it time, it’s only been a week after all 😉

I wrote this post after we’d just arrived in Singapore. I’m glad to say things have got better!

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Singapore Fling

November 22, 2010

I’ve got itchy feet, let’s face it, I always have had. I’ve been following with envy Victoria from It’s A Small World Afterall and her plans to travel around the world for a year with her family. Now they’re actually doing it! I admit, I am more than a teeny bit jealous. They sound like they […]

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