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Coping with pregnancy after miscarriage

by admin on May 3, 2011

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Having a miscarriage is SHIT. It hurts, mentally AND physically. It takes time to grieve, to recover, to get to the point when you are strong enough to want to try again. Then, when you do get pregnant it’s impossible not to be paranoid it might happen again. It’s hard to get excited, to relax and enjoy being pregnant when each day you wake up fearing the worst.

Despite miscarriage wrongly being seen as a taboo subject, I have no qualms talking about my experiences and have often blogged about what I’ve been through. I have actually had 4 miscarriages, 3 of them since my daughter was born (she is 3). Trying for a second has been a long, expensive and often heart-breaking journey. I had test after test at St Mary’s Hospital (the UK’s leading miscarriage clinic) in London, where I was eventually diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder and Asherman’s Syndrome. Both these conditions are thankfully treatable. I was put on aspirin and daily heparin injections for the blood clotting and had surgery to treat Asherman’s.  [click to continue…]

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