Magic Reindeer Food

by admin on December 15, 2012

We’re spending Christmas in Phuket this year and because we’re going to be away, Miss C is (understandibily) extremely concerned about how Santa will find us. So out of the bag comes reindeer food. You sprinkle a trail leading up to the place where you will be on Christmas Eve so the reindeer will see the food. It’s so easy to make, mix dried oats mixed with some glitter and stick it in a bag made out of clear wrapping paper. It’s easy for them to spot it at night too because the glitter will shine. If only I was 5 again! [click to continue…]

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Ho Ho Ho, Santa is very busy this year

by 21stcenturymummy on October 20, 2009

Father Christmas

Eek! It’s that time of year already, Christmas is coming. Sorry to depress you all, it’s only 10 weeks away!

Last year I tried (without success) to get tickets to see Father Christmas at Harrods or Selfridges for my 1 year old. I was so disappointed, but thinking back, it was definitely more for my enjoyment than hers!  Santa is clearly very busy as his grottos get booked very early and this year I vowed to make sure I got on the case as soon as last Christmas was over.

Well I had forgotten again, until a friend just mentioned she has got tickets. After hearing this, I panicked, frantically scrabbled around on the computer key pad trying to get on the Harrods website. To my dismay the Harrods Grotto is sold out. However it must be my  lucky day as there are still a few slots available at the Selfridges Santa Experience (you can forget weekends). It’s £2 per child.

AND it’s £2 per adult – does that mean I get to sit on Santa’s knee too??? I don’t think they do the whole sitting on knee thing anymore because of the apparent potential paedophile risk, although I personally think that’s taking things a bit too far.

Hurray, we’re going to see Santa, the question is will my two year old run away screaming when she sees him!

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