Freaky Friday: It’s puffing ugly

by admin on August 17, 2012


This week’s Freaky Friday feature is the bizarrely named Ugly Curry Puff found in Starbucks here in Singapore. I’ve never come across them anywhere else in the world. Have you?

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Only in Singapore…

by admin on April 17, 2012

This toy “pop-up” shop is in the middle of a Liang Court, a shopping mall near where we live. It belongs to Royce Gym, an indoor play area near by. There is no door, no staff (whenever I go past), no security, although I’m sure there is cctv and the walls are waist high.

All there is is this extremely polite sign to deter potential thieves: [click to continue…]

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Having a party at the Hard Rock Hotel

April 15, 2012

It was party time at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sentosa last weekend. It was their first ever pool-side liquid buffet (think free flow beer and cocktails) for the launch of the first non-casino loyalty programme in Singapore. It was also the first time I’d been to the hotel. It was a wet evening so […]

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Going to the chapel

April 10, 2012

This was the initial advertisement for the Escape Chapel Party, marketed as a “sacrilegious night of partying”, that was due to be held on Easter Saturday at the chapel at Chijmes. Surely some harmless fun? You’d think! Coming from the UK, that is exactly what I would think anyway.

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New Year’s Eve – a night to remember

January 4, 2012

        If it’s one thing I’ve learnt in the past year, it’s that Singaporeans know how to throw a party. New Year’s Eve is no exception. This New Year’s Eve, our first in Singapore, was one of the best I have had for a long time. With Miss C and Baby C […]

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Listography – 5 things I’d like to do this Summer

July 9, 2011

It’s that time again…Listography this week is being hosted by The Reluctant Dad A lot of my time is taken up with my new baby and 3 year old, so this list is purely about ME. 1) Go on holiday – We moved to Singapore in January when I was 5 months pregnant. Because of […]

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Singapore Fling

November 22, 2010

I’ve got itchy feet, let’s face it, I always have had. I’ve been following with envy Victoria from It’s A Small World Afterall and her plans to travel around the world for a year with her family. Now they’re actually doing it! I admit, I am more than a teeny bit jealous. They sound like they […]

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